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Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: The perks of getting the services of a trustworthy car servicing company

There are a lot of benefits an individual could get by hiring a dedicated car servicing company since it could meet all your car maintenance and repair needs. From the time you got your own car, you must choose a company that you will trust for a long period of time just like Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group. Following are some of the perks of having the services of a trustworthy and...



Heimdal Security Company: The 13 Step Guide to Secure Your PC after a Fresh Windows Installation

We know that installing or reinstalling your Windows operating system takes time and proves to be a laborious job, which none of us likes to follow. But, as we all know, once in a while we have to find the old Windows installation CD/DVD and reinstall the entire operating system. Since it is a job we don’t do every day, we have to make sure that when we install/reinstall...


Cybersecurity Fraud Intelligence Lead – Vice President in J.P. Morgan, Singapore

The Cybersecurity organization's objective is to ensure that JPMC is able to effectively detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats against our technology infrastructure. The scope of Cybersecurity comprises detection and monitoring of threats and vulnerabilities, managing security incidents, and evolving our preventive infrastructure to keep ahead of the threat. We ...


3 Lessons Young Singaporeans Can Learn From the Retrenchment of Middle Aged PMETs

Once upon a time, getting a cushy PMET job and rising to senior management was the Singaporean dream. Claw your way to the top of the corporate ladder and you’d be in for a lifetime of cruising around in your Porsche and golfing at the country club.

But those days are gone, and middle-aged, highly-trained PMETs are now first in line for retrenchment at many companies. These ...



Mossack Fonseca & Co.: Connecting communities, clients, and people

In order to maintain its competitive advantage, Mossack Fonseca & Co. ensures that the quality of its client portal will meet the interests of their clients. The firm made the client portal to give utmost confidence to their clients in using their exclusive online services. Keeping their clients' information 100% safe all the time is of greatly importance to them. In...


Dr. Howard Marans: Your most trusted orthopedic health partner for life

As soon as you enter the office of Dr. Howard Marans, you’re going to feel a transforming and healing presence. His absolute care for his patients for 29 years makes him one of the most recommended physicians by his peers in Southern California.

Howard is certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery in 1993 and recertified in 2003. He’s also certified by ...


2016 Honda Stateline 1300 ABS - Al Lamb's Dallas Honda


The beauty is in the details. Part of the 1300 Custom Line series, the VT1300CR Stateline boasts impressive bells and whistles, including a low slung profile with blacked-out fins and sweeping bars. Add to that the raked-out forks and fenders over fat front and rear tires. The styling touches on this touring motorcycle will cause quite the stir. And don’t forget...


Mossack Fonseca: Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Through organizations such as Corporations, Private Foundations and Trusts, we assist our clients in their estate planning asset protection needs. Trust operations can protect assets from diverse threats, including political unrest, reckless heirs and more.

Each client has specific and definite requirements, and our solutions are always designed to meet the needs of one of...


2015 Honda Shadow Phantom 750 - Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

The VT750 Shadow Phantom is a completely unique take on the Shadow concept. Take a blacked-out 745cc V-twin engine and black rims sporting matte silver highlights, bobbed fenders, spoke wheels and a beefy front fork, and you’ve got a real head-turner. The deep and throaty exhaust note is hard to miss and irresistible, if nothing else. The most unbelievable part of the...


"El Chapo" Guzmán buscó registrar su nombre como marca, Mossack Fonseca


Antes del espectacular escape de prisión el año pasado, el capo mexicano Joaquín Chapo Guzmán instruyó a sus abogados para que registraran su nombre como marca, lo que ofreció a las autoridades una primera pista de que quería hacer una película sobre su vida, dijeron ayer medios aztecas.

Durante sus anteriores 17 meses detrás de las rejas, Guzmán...